The Olayer Professional lightweight powerful Hair Dryer can help you to attain that luxurious salon look in the comfort of your own home.

While there are many cheaper hair dryers available on the market, many of these tend to break down within several months. In addition, the cheaper hair dryers tend to damage the hair, causing split ends and even hair loss.

Why cut corners, when for just a few dollars more you can have a quality hair dryer that can keep you looking and feeling like a million dollars? The Olayer Professional 2001 Classic Hair Dryer is used by professionals and average people alike.

Features & Specifications Of The Olayer lightweight powerful hair dryer

  • The housing is made of flame resistant and shock resistant plastic
  • Heating element is high quality and made of Kanthal wire
  • There are seven ranges for temperature and speed
  • The Olayer Professional 2001 Classic Hair Dryer delivers high air flow and will not overheat or damage hair

Customer Reviews

One buyer of the Olayer Professional 2001 Classic Hair Dryer stated that from the very first day that she used the hair dryer she started to look and feel great. She said that her hair is usually very fine and flat and that the hair dryer has given her full body.

She said that she purchased this, because she was tired of replacing and repairing the previous hair dryers. She said that she wanted a change and with all of the good reviews that this dryer has, she decided to purchase it.

She says that she appreciates the much quieter air flow and she’s never seen another dryer quiet like this one. She said that the dryer boasts 1500 liters/minute and that when she showed this to her friend her friend could not believe that it did not make more noise or it did not make a sound like a fighter jet. She also appreciates the filter screen that is removable.

Another buyer stated that she had high hopes for this product, because she had thick and straight hair that took a long time to dry. She said that this product has a lot less power than her cheap Conair dryer has. She complains that it takes a lot longer to dry her hair now than it did before, plus her hair has become frizzy. She said she never had any frizzy hair before, so she is very upset with this product.


The Olayer Professional high speed Hair Dryer will definitely get you a lot of compliments on your hair. If your hair is usually straight and flat, then you can add body and volume with this dryer in just minutes. If your hair is usually frizzy, then this dryer can help you get it smooth and silky with just the flip of a switch.

You could invest in a much cheaper hair dryer, but then you get what you pay for. The Olayer Professional lightweight powerful Hair Dryer is a must have for anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their hair.