The OLAYER CERAMIC Flat Iron Cold air adjusts on all types of hair but if your hair is under any treatment then you can pick this. It never causes the harm on those hairs as it is made on a special way. It is twist free. It works very gently on your hair.

If you are worry about your humid area in your locality then this tool may be a solution for you. Its work really will impress you. However it is costly but no matter the cost as it works super. Again it would be the best investment for you.

If your hair is long please pick it up! The CERAMIC Flat Iron Cold air made by Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer will glide smoothly down your hair and leave it in a super straight way. It works well on dry, frizzy, wavy and curly hair. It will make your hair soft and smooth until you make your hair wet. Medium and long hair owners are suggested for this tool but if your hair is short then do not go for this. Before straightening, you must use the heat protecting serum in order to avoid any type of damages.


The CERAMIC Flat Iron Cold air from Olayer private label flat iron manufacturer heats up very fast and its plates are 1.25 inch wide and 4.25 inch long. The extra long and wide plates are work very smoothly on the hair. It has the slim design which will give you a great styling competence. The lowest temperature is 250 degree F and the maximum is 450 degree. It works with the voltage of 120v-240v. It makes the hair super straight within 360 degree F.


The OLAYER CERAMIC Flat Iron Cold air is the best solution for frizzy and dry hair. It always keeps away the frizzy mood from your hair. It works super on humid area. Protects the hair from humid, locks the moisture and keep the hair straight for a long time.


It is not very easy to use on short hair as it is hard to do so. The cost is also the most negative side of this tool. Do not apply it on wet hair because it might damage your hair. Never forget to apply the serum before straightening your dry hair.

Product nameOlayer Ceramic flat iron cold air
SpecialtyContains extra wide and long plates and makes the hair silky, shiny, soft and smooth
Suitable hair typeAll species of hair (very suitable for long & frizzy curly hair)
Why should you buy the productThe plates are made from ceramicHeats up quicklyThe floating plates helps to avoid pulling and pinching of the hair
Wet hairCannot use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sidePerforms well and reduce the frizzy mood
Negative sideDoes not contain the automatic shut off system
Price of the productcontact Olayer custom flat iron vendors to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature for any hair type.
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make both straight or curly hair
SizeRegular size
Including accessoriesIZUTECH Flat Iron Ktx450User manual guide
Warranty1 year